"Palace of congresses" as a part of the famous architectural monument of the XVIII century Constantine Palace and Park ensemble in Sterna was restored from the ruins at the 300 anniversary of St Petersburg in 2003. When the foundation of Big Strelna (Konstantinovsky) Palace began in 1720, Peter the great planned it to become his main seaside residence. The Palace was intended to become a diplomatic "window to Europe" or "the Russian Versailles", a symbol of power and prosperity of Russia. The panorama of the Grand Palace with the Grotto and sea channels is a wonderful example of synthesis of architecture, sculpture and landscape art of the era of Petrine Baroque.

On the bank of Gulf of Finland, not far from the Palace, "consular village" was built. It consists of 20 two-storey cottages, each of which bears the name of one of the great cities of Russia. The former yacht club was rebuilt into a press center and equipped with the latest means of communication. Nearby in the style of Russian estate was constructed a five star hotel called "Baltic star”. The former Imperial stables became the administrative building of the "Palace of congresses".

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