St. Isaac's Cathedral

St Isaac's Cathedral is one of the most powerful and grand architectural structures of St Petersburg. A unique monument of architecture and one of the finest cathedrals in Europe. This temple is one of the last constructed sights from the Russian classicism period. The golden dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral is visible from almost all parts of the city, and even from distant suburbs on a sunny day.

The existing St. Isaac's Cathedral, the fourth version of the temple, was constructed under Auguste de Montferrand project from 1818 to 1858 and became the main masterpiece of the French architect. Total height — 102 m.

Cathedral decoration includes the largest collection of Russian monumental paintings of the middle of XIX century (over 150 pieces). More than 300 statues, sculptural groups and reliefs. 60 mosaic works of Russian masters play an important role in cathedral interior. Pay attention to one of Russia's largest stained-glass windows.

Visit the Museum and climb the spiral staircase to a height of 43 meters to enjoy the city panorama.

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